Christian Toe, now in his thirties, is one of those young people who are the pride of the continent by contributing significantly to its development.

the young Burkinabé engineer, who is a pure product of the educational system of the country of upright men and promoter of the Genuine Concept start up, he works in partnership with the Burkina Faso Department of Prevention through Vaccination.
Its objective: to contribute to reducing child mortality. Its famous “Laafi bag” which complies with the standards recommended by the WHO and reduces the impact of the human factor and climatic hazards during the transport of pharmaceutical products. Its function is based on an autonomy that allows vaccines to be kept in the recommended temperatures for 90 hours, i.e. four days, whereas currently available vaccine carriers only work for 12 to 24 hours.
the development of Africa will be essentially done with its youth. this is why IFYAR has set itself the mission of bringing together young researchers and the entire scientific community in order to promote Africa’s development.

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