Report of IFYAR 2020

Report of IFYAR 2020

From 1 to 5 December 2020, the ecotourism site Ecopark Cameroon – Ahala hosted the first edition of the International Fair for Young African Researchers, commonly known as IFYAR. In all, 2,500 people rushed to the knowledge centre and prices were awarded to the future builders.

Placed under the theme “Young Researchers, strategic actors of the Emergence of African countries”, this trial run turned into a master stroke under the auspices of the Scientific Center for Health (SCH), the organising agency.

A look back at these 5 days which will remain forever inscribed in the memories of science freaks.

A knowledge-based fair

Eager to train the next generation of African researchers, IFYAR dedicated the first two days of the event to training them. Training workshops and conferences enabled the participants to broaden their intellectual knowledge.

Initiation to project research techniques, interest of clay materials for an emerging country, drugs development and innovative solutions for Africa… The participants had the opportunity to learn at a postgraduate level.

After this warming up, the fair officially opened its doors. And who is better to launch the festivities than Dr. Madeleine TCHUINTE, Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation?

After a speech that will go down in history, the Minister went on to visit each of the stands and workshops. It was with starry eyes that she wandered the exhibition halls of IFYAR 2020, not missing the opportunity to praise the creativity of young Africans.

Incentives to celebrate African talent

In addition to training workshops, symposia, thematic conferences and stand exhibitions, IFYAR highlighted the genius of young African designers. Throughout the event, young researchers and innovators exhibited their projects and rivalised in ingenuity during the various competitions.

At the end of IFYAR 2020, 07 students were awarded in the Master/PhD category and 05 youth received the IFYAR Innovation Challenge prices.

This edition, which ended with a live show, was therefore a landmark event for the scientific empowerment of African youth on the road to development.

What will the 2022 edition have in store?