Themes of IFYAR 2022

The 2022 edition of IFYAR is placed under the the­me: «From young researcher to entrepreneur, dyna­mics of a new economy for sustainable growth».

This theme is in line with the aspirations of the Afri­can Union (AU) as outlined in Agenda 2063. More specifically, the theme and objectives of this fair will contribute significantly to the fulfilment of aspira­tion 1 of the same agenda, namely: « A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable de­velopment ».

This aspiration implies :

A good education for every citizen supported by science, technology and innovation;

Structurally transformed economies through in­dustrialisation and value-added that create shared growth through private sector development and en­trepreneurship.


The overall objective of IFYAR is to strengthen the resources, visibility and contribution of young Afri­can researchers in scientific research focused on Africa’s emergence.

The aim is to set up a platform for collaboration between the scientific community, the State, com­panies, scientific institutions and civil society for the emergence of innovative and viable solutions for the economy, health and industry.

IFYAR’s specific objectives are inspired by the Sus­tainable Development Goals (SDGs) on health and well-being, quality education, decent work, econo­mic and industrial growth, and technological inno­vation.

More specifically, the IFYAR has the following


The promotion of research among young resear­chers/students and their integration into the profes­sional world;

The promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and technological research among young African resear­chers in order to increase productivity and boost economic growth;

To encourage the development and implementation of public and private investment policies that favour research and innovation in Africa.


  • Students undergoing training in one of IFYAR’s fields of interest ;
  • Young African researchers ;
  • Students who have completed their bachelor’s
  • degree or who are in their last year of secondary school and who wish to progress in scientific re­search ;
  • Universities and other training institutes ;
  • Business leaders ;
  • Economic actors exploiting the fruits of R&D ;
  • The scientific community ;
  • Investors and financial backers ;
  • The media ;
  • Institutions involved in scientific research in Africa ;
  • National and international institutions and organi­sations working in one of IFYAR’s fields of interest.


  • Thematic conference ;
  • Training workshops ;
  • Oral presentations ;
  • Project competitions (Doctoral thesis and master thesis ;
  • IFYAR Innovation and Inventor Challenge ;
  • Job fair ;
  • Universiades (Future City Challenge, Best IFYAR Management Simulation, Miss IFYAR 2022 competition) ;
  • The Junior Researcher Workshop ;
  • The musical concert ;
  • Visit the exhibition stands ;
  • Round table discussion
  • Business Meetings