General information for IFYAR 2020

The first edition of the International Fair for Young African Researcher (IFYAR) is going to be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon from the 1st to the 05th December 2020. The IFYAR’s purpose is to establish a platform for exchange and communication involving key actors namely young researchers, firms and scientific companies, civil society and policy-makers. This platform will strengthen the resources, visibility and contribution of young African researchers in scientific research, with the aim of bringing out innovative and viable solutions for the economy, health and industry.

IFYAR’s specific objectives are in line with the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) in health and well-being, quality of education, decent work, economic and industrial growth, as well as in terms of technological innovation

The chosen theme for this first edition “Young Researchers, key actors of African countries’ emergence”

Why take part in IFYAR 2020?

  • To promote and enhance the value of your research work;
  • to create a climate favorable to the funding and support of your research projects;
  • to train you in scientific research and all its components (fundraising, project writing, ethics, etc.);
  • to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and open you up to the professional world;
  • to meet companies and institutions working in research;
  • to build an excellent network of young African researchers;
  • to benefit from the experience of experienced researchers of international reputation.


For the government of Cameroon

  • Introducing programs that will aim at improving the status of scientific research conducted in Cameroon
  • Promoting scientific research in high schools and universities
  • Establish an environment that enables effective exchanges and communication amongst various actors of scientific research and decision-makers
  • Fill in the gap between scientific research and implementation of the results in order to strengthen the socioeconomic development of Cameroon
  • Contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

For the African student

  • Popularize and enhance its research work
  • Create a funding free environment and supports research projects
  • Being Trained in scientific research and all its components (fundraising, project writing, research ethics, intellectual property, etc.)
  • Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and open up yourself to the professional world
  • Build an excellent network of young African researchers
  • Benefit from the experience of top-ranked international researchers

For the private sector

  • Creates business opportunities
  • Increase the visibility of your company through the communication elements of the fair and the exchange sessions with professionals and visitors
  • Build a new customer portfolio
  • Exhibit and sell products and services
  • Show the value of scientific research in wealth creation
  • Take advantage of our database of R&D professionals and students profiles

For civil society organizations

  • Raise awareness about practices, jobs and trades of scientific and social research
  • Promote and support innovative projects

Activities of IFYAR

  1. Training workshops
  2. Conferences
  3. « Parole aux start’upers »
  4. Oral presentations and Posters
  5. Visiting partners’ exhibition stands
  6. Student competition for the best M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis
  7. IFYAR Innovation and Invention Challenge