Ibrahima Tounkara: the man who, alone, electrified his village

At first, everyone thought he was crazy. But with courage, imagination and perseverance, this math teacher achieved the impossible.
Although his native village had never been connected to any electricity network, Ibrahima Tounkara, a simple maths teacher, gave birth to a real little revolution. Devoting his savings, time and imagination to a crazy project, he built a mini hydroelectric power station and brought non-stop light to nearly 90 homes!
To electrify his village of Bolodou, Guinea, Ibrahima Tounkara first thought of solar power. He then learned how to install panels and even set up a small booth that could charge laptops. It was already a lot, but obviously it wasn’t enough for him. He was thinking bigger. Much bigger, in fact.
He will say about this:
“In March 2016, I bought a smartphone for internet access and learned about how dams work. I finished my research in December 2016 and started construction. Using diagrams and videos, I built a small turbine connected by a pulley to a dynamo that converts mechanical energy into electricity. »
…there’s still time to move things along. With this youth that is at once visionary, dynamic and determined, Africa has everything it needs to shine.
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