IFYAR 2020 : Young Tech entrepreneurs give their anointing

Informed of the holding of the international fair of young African researchers, from 1 to 5 December 2020 in Yaounde, young Cameroonian entrepreneurs welcome this initiative, from the Scientific Center for Health.

IFYAR 2020, a seed that is worth its weight in gold. Placed among the major scientific events of this year 2020 in Africa, particularly in Cameroon, the International Fair for Young African Researcher (IFYAR), is welcomed in unison by the scientific and educational community and particularly by entrepreneurs in the world of technology, digital and artificial intelligence.

A meeting of giving and receiving, which according to most, is very timely. “Especially since young people are increasingly interested in NICTs,” says choibou Gambo, motion designer and promoter of online radio, Haussa radio.

The same goes for Rockefeller, Data Scientist and Teaching Assistant at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), who explains: “Holding an international fair of this calibre in Cameroon is a great initiative. For there is a need to popularize areas of research that will enable Africa to position itself in the race for knowledge, such as agriculture, renewable energy, history, mathematics …

For william ENOCH, digital entrepreneur and CEO of SGTech Training Dev: “IFYAR is a great initiative. Especially at this time, when it is more than urgent for Africa to change its educational paradigm in order to respond effectively to the global challenges facing the continent.  An Africa that is certainly full of many skills but sometimes lacks attitude in the face of the challenges of the day (environmental, health, food, technological, digital, scientific, etc.).

Proof, if proof were still needed, that the international fair for showcasing young African researchers is coming to a named fist.

Elthon Djeutcha

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