IFYAR and CROOS International: a partnership in favor of students

In 2018, the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) counted 215,800 students regularly enrolled in state universities. With a student enrollment rate of 10%, Cameroon serves as a model in the subregion.
To this already high number should be added young Cameroonians enrolled in private institutions and those pursuing their studies abroad. In France alone, for the 2018-2019 school year, 7,445 new students of Cameroonian nationality joined the amphitheaters.
Without the shadow of a doubt, young students are eager to learn. It is therefore quite natural that IFYAR has joined forces with CROOS, an international company specializing in bank guarantees for student visas.
Realize your overseas study project with Croos
In 2020, the Office du Baccalauréat (OBC) registered 55,248 admissions. Among these young baccalaureat holders, some have a secret dream: to go and study in France. Prestigious universities, internationally recognized diplomas, favorable living conditions… France has what it takes to seduce the well-made heads.
Nevertheless, it is not always easy to get used to the administrative procedures and even less so to meet the university requirements.
Headed by Jean-Yves Morio, Croos is a company determined to bridge this gap. Because studying in France should not be a privilege, Croos helps young people to realize their study project through :
Setting up study projects: is it realistic? What are the best options given your requirements?
Accompaniment during the procedure : at Croos, you will always find an attentive ear to help you throughout the process ;
Certificate of Irrevocable Transfer (AVI): essential to prove that the student has the means to support himself;
Housing: help in finding and renting student housing.
Wishing to offer quality education to young Cameroonians, the representatives of Croos and IFYAR signed a partnership contract in order to expand their respective spheres of action.
Seeing university studies from a new angle
On Saturday, November 7, 2020, the cloudy sky did not prevent Yannick MBA MBIAM, Africa manager of Croos, and Nathalie KOAH, international communication director of the said company, from going to the IFYAR premises.
After cordial greetings, Rodrigue FOE, President of the IFYAR Organizing Committee, introduced the IFYAR members and recalled the terms of the collaboration. After reading the contract, it was signed by Rodrigue FOE, Yannick MBA MBIAM and Nathalie KOAH.
This Saturday, two lions joined forces… Thanks to IFYAR and Croos, the future of Cameroonian students looks bright.

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