IFYAR commits itself against the abandonment of theses

On January 08, 2019, Ahlam Nazih paints a guileless picture of scientific research. In an article published on economics.com, the Moroccan scholar announces some chilling figures. Only 4.4% of regularly enrolled students would get a Master’s degree. Worse still: 9 out of 10 doctoral students would drop out before obtaining their PhD…
It is indeed difficult to devote oneself only to research when one does not have a consistent income…
This is why, in order to encourage young African researchers not to abandon R&D laboratories, IFYAR has decided to grant them funding grants of 500 000 F CFA (master’s degree) and 1 000 000 (PhD).
University research: alarming figures
Despite the lack of figures at the continental level, it is not unreasonable to assume that the Moroccan reality is similar to that of other African countries. In Morocco, according to the Higher Education Council, the graduation rate is only 6 percent.
Surprising? Not really. The status of researcher has lost some of its splendor and faced with financial realities, 44% of doctoral students are forced to pursue another professional activity.
In Cameroon, despite the lack of numerical data, do you really think the situation is different? How many students in the research cycle accumulate small jobs and faculties in order to make ends meet? Sometimes, overwhelmed by material needs, they have no choice but to postpone their Masters/Doctorates to the calendars?
IFYAR says no to this loss of grey matter!
Agri-food sciences, material and ICT sciences, social sciences, health sciences, right to health… If your research project falls within one of these 5 areas, you have the possibility to obtain a grant that will relieve you of many problems.
A godsend for African students
As part of the International Fair for Young African Researcher, abbreviated IFYAR, which will be held from December 1 to 5, 2020 in Ecopark-Ahala, African students will have the opportunity to win between 500,000 and 1 million CFA francs to bring their projects to life.
Only three conditions must be met :
Be regularly enrolled in a Master or Doctorate program in an accredited African university;
Have a letter of recommendation from their supervisor;
Submit a 2-page research proposal.
All these documents must be uploaded on ifyar.com no later than October 15, 2020 for people living outside Cameroon and October 31, 2020 for Cameroonians.
Submit your application to the competition for the best projects immediately. Good luck!

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