IFYAR themes and sub-themes

  • Health sciences
  • Communicable diseases
  • Non-communicable chronic diseases
  • Medical devices/innovations and pharmaceuticals
  • Quality control, medical norms and standards (GCLP)
  • Operational and implementation research
  • Food and nutrition sciences
  • Food Science, health and Nutrition Security
  • Post-harvest technology, processing and food toxicology
  • Probiotics, Alicaments and Functional Foods
  • Global Warming & Agriculture
  • Livestock Production Agro-technology and Agro-engineering Systems,
  • Food insecurity, environmental threats and Innovative ways of Feeding
  • Health law and Right to health
  • The challenges of industrialization and commercialization of byproducts of African traditional pharmacopeia
  • Bio piracy, patent, conservation and commercialization of the Know-how derived from African traditional pharmacopeia
  • Setting up of an African system of solidarity aiming a Universal Health-care coverage.
  • The challenge of a legal framework and institutionalization of the African traditional pharmacopoeia and medicine
  • The challenge of the backing and guidance of the young African researcher in the promotion of the population’s right to health
  • The challenges in funding Health-oriented research in Africa/Cameroon.
  • Social sciences
    • Social Sciences as vector of development
  • Organizational and public image
  • Behavioral change with respect to risks
  • Importance of the digital area in the research process
  • Crises management
  • Material Sciences, Energies and ITC
  • Renewable energies and fossil fuel: impact on the African countries development
  • Next-generation biofuels
  • Materials for the future
  • Nanomaterial’s and development
  • Artificial Intelligence and cyber criminality

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