It creates an application to save victims of road accidents.

Her name is Salissou Hassane Latifa, of Nigerian origin, and she has created an application called Saro which aims to save victims of road accidents. Indeed, according to the World Health Organization, Niger has recorded a significant number of deaths from road accidents for. Two things are at the root of these statistics.

On the one hand, Nigerien rescuers are sometimes faced with false alarms. Estimated at 70%, they are often the work of telephone hoaxes by children. And, when this information is real, the rescuers sometimes have difficulty identifying the exact location of the accident and often arrive too late.

As human life is precious to Salissou, it should not only depend on doctors and first-aid workers, who are sometimes overwhelmed. Therefore, saving a life must be achievable for everyone according to her. To materialize her vision, she created a web and mobile application called Saro App.

This application will allow people present at the scene of an accident to take a picture of the victim and send it to the rescuers. To do this, the latter must also use the application. This geolocation system will also allow the rescuers to find the scene of the accident much more easily.

Finally, the application will be used by individuals to provide first aid to accident victims through educational videos. The interest of the project has been recognized throughout his country and continent. The Afroprene woman received the digital award, and was received by the President of the Republic of Niger.

With her exploits, the young woman plans to help victims of road accidents far beyond the borders of Niger.

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