Newsletter for the month of December

Behind the scenes of Entrepreneurship: Psycho-social decryption of work among young entrepreneurs

Explore our December newsletter, focused on deciphering the psycho-social representation of work among young entrepreneurs. Dive into the psychological and social nuances that shape the perception of work beyond professional aspects.

The editorial underlines the crucial importance of social representation in the current economic context. It influences behavior, mixing professional illusions, socio-economic realities, mental health and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Discover articles on psychological distress, cognitive flexibility in a dynamic environment, mental health in entrepreneurship, and the impact of the social representation of informal work on entrepreneurial intentions.

Our newsletter offers an in-depth look at the psychological challenges of young entrepreneurs, helping them shape their journey with optimal vision, motivation, resilience and connection. Dive in to understand the behind-the-scenes of modern entrepreneurship.

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