No child should have to study in the dark

This is the opinion of Evariste Akoumian, a 37-year-old Ivorian who created the famous “Solarpak”, a schoolbag with a solar panel and a lamp, to improve the education of young students in rural areas without electricity. By using the lamp, children can now study comfortably after dark.

A lawyer by training and a former computer retailer turned techno-entrepreneur, Evariste Akoumian has noticed the lack of electricity coverage throughout the country during his business trips. He saw how this was an obstacle to the education of Ivorian children. He felt the need to take up the challenge of changing this reality for the better.

By focusing on this immediate need, rather than on the energy shortage of the entire country, Akoumian created the Solarpak.

“In Africa, we have a lot of sunshine, so why not find a way to use this source to help these children so they can do better in school? »

He hopes to one day reach 10 million schoolchildren worldwide. “I want young people to believe in themselves, to keep moving forward, to live their dreams. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. If you have a dream, you have to make sure it comes true,” said Akoumian.
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