So that access to drinking water is no longer a privilege, but a right?

In a single day, this simple container is capable of producing, hold on to yourself, 2,000 litres of drinking water!
To achieve such a feat, two companies had to join forces, in this case Skysource and Skywater.

In concrete terms, their container is equipped with a device that draws in hot air from the outside to cool it and thus transform the humidity into drops of water by the effect of condensation.

This is not the first time that such a process has been used, but this time the system does even better because it does not run on electricity (an expensive and not always available energy) but on biogas. To make it work, all that is needed is to feed it with plant waste such as sawdust or dead leaves, materials that are found in abundance.
In addition to this, this invention produces a natural fertilizer called biochar that improves the quality of agricultural land and sequesters carbon in the soil.

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