How to register?

Step 1: Choose your preferred payment category.

Step 2: Fill out the IFYAR 2020 online registration form. Personal information (name, first name, full address) as well as the chosen participation package and payment method must be selected. At the end of this process, an email containing the payment information will be sent to you.

Step 3: Pay your registration fees by following the procedure below and return the proof of payment (screenshots or photos/scan of payment receipts) to the organizing committee. Please reply to the email you received at the end of step 2 by attaching your proof of payment.

Orange Cameroon users: (1) Enter the following code #150*47*382353# (2) Specify the amount corresponding to your category (3) Check the last details of the transaction including the amount to be transferred and the name of the structure (Scientific Center for Health) (4) Confirm the transaction.

MTN Cameroon users: (1) Enter the following code *126# (2) Select money transfer (3) To MTN number (4) Enter the following number 683953137 (5) Insert the amount corresponding to your category (6) Put as “IFYAR 2020 registration” as reason for transfer (7) Check the amount, the phone number and the name of the structure (Scientific Center for Health SARL) that will be displayed (8) Confirm the transaction.

IMPORTANT: Before confirming your money transfer, please make sure that the name displayed is SCIENTIFIC CENTER FOR HEALTH. In addition, payments must be made with a mobile account registered in your name (the one used for your registration to the fair) in order to establish correspondence between the participant and his payment. Any payment made with an account other than yours will not be taken into account.

Step 4: After verification of the payment by the organizing committee, a confirmation email attesting the registration to IFYAR 2020 will be sent to the candidate.