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Explore the 2nd Edition of the International Fair for Young African Researchers in Video

Relive the magic of the 2nd Edition of the International Fair for Young African Researchers through our captivating video documentary. From December 1st to December 10th, 2022, this exceptional fair brought together brilliant minds, innovative projects, and inspiring discussions, all captured in an exciting film that you can now watch.

A Total Immersion

Our video documentary will take you to the heart of this extraordinary event. You will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of innovative project presentations, hear inspiring testimonials from researchers, and immerse yourself in discussions about the future of research in Africa

Highlights in Action

Discover the highlights of the fair, from young researchers’ presentations to informative conferences, as well as meetings and networking. Our documentary captures the diversity and innovation that marked this edition.

A Glimpse into the Future of Research in Africa

This video documentary offers a fascinating glimpse into the promising future of research in Africa. You will see how young African researchers are advancing science, technology, and innovation, contributing to the continent’s development.

Watch Now

Get ready to be inspired by the creative minds and impressive achievements of the 2nd Edition of the International Fair for Young African Researchers. Click the links below to watch our video documentary and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation:

YouTube : https://youtu.be/KpJxMsam-LI?si=i6Ewz8qGfDdi4_xf

Facebook : https://fb.watch/nYyXx65eSV

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the brilliant African youth shaping the future of our continent through research and innovation. The future of Africa is in motion, and this documentary shows you how.

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