Health Sciences why and how to take an interest in it during IFYAR 2020?

Taking an interest in science or in one of these specific fields is often a matter of curiosity, passion or vocation.
Let’s talk about Health Sciences. Pluridisciplinary, they encompass all the studies and/or practices of the various specialties that have as their object the health of individuals. To be more precise, they include: biology; medicine; nutrition or public health. The health sciences thus enable the improvement of existing treatments and, what is much more complex, the discovery of new treatments. It sheds light on our understanding of the human being, his pain, micro-organisms, the environment but also and above all, new diseases.
Here are a few reasons to take an interest in health sciences at IFYAR 2020.
For you, students and/or researchers :
During the whole IFYAR fair, you will have the opportunity to:
– Update yourself on the latest research advances in the different specialties of health sciences;
– Bring your ideas to life and mature and develop new ones, transform them into research projects with possible funding;
– Benefit from the expertise and teachings of eminent researchers such as Prof. Wilfried FON MBACHAM (President of the IFYAR Scientific Committee), Prof. Jean-Claure MBANYA and Prof. Rose LEKE, or from those of talented young researchers such as Drs. Nzweundji Justine, Valérie Makoge and Magellan Guewo.
And for you visitors, this will be an opportunity to..:
– Learn about the different diseases and fields that will be presented there.
– Know how health can participate in the socio-economic development of our country.
– Know the actors of this aspect of Scientific Research in Africa, who very often act for the good of society in an incognito way.
International Fair For Young African Researcher, because we are building our future today.

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