Satellite symposium

Satellite symposium


The Higher Institute for Growth in HEalth Research (HIGHER) is a six-year old consortium of women (based in Cameroon) creatively working towards promoting women as leaders in health research.  With the support of a WHO-TDR grant, HIGHER was established in 2014 to support and encourage a sustainable professional growth of early career researchers dedicated to improving the health of communities in Africa.  Since its creation, the highly successful Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) has been the consortium’s cornerstone. Mentoring and coaching are key elements of the HIGHER and the mentor-protégé pairs work diligently for the advancement in their research career by sharing indispensable skills and thus linking women for leadership development for personal, professional and social change.

The International Fair for Young African Researchers (IFYAR) offers a platform for youths to revive their interest in diverse areas for scientific research.  The IFYAR is therefore a great opportunity to capture their interest in scientific research and plan specific mentoring and coaching skills and competencies for a successful research career. We aim at promoting the Mentor-Protégé Program to young African researchers at IFYAR scheduled from 1st to 5th December 2020 in Yaoundé, enrol them in the MPP and contribute in building the next generation of scientists in Africa. The topics to be presented at the Symposium include Time Management, Work – Life Balance,  Ethics in scientific research, How to find a mentor and a coach.


A Counselling booth will be animated by HIGHER mentors and mentees from Tuesday, 1st December 2020 to Saturday, 5th December 2020 during the IFYAR 2020. Then, the young scientists will ask questions, interact with the HIGHER team and build networks whereby they shall learn research career needs and preferences based on their strengths and interest. The young scientists shall connect with the HIGHER Women Consortium through a hot email address higherwomenresearchers@gmail.com  for guidance and counselling in research.

We expect to hold the following activities during these sessions: Coaching, research career counselling, Group discussions by interest or discipline, Networking and more.



Professor Rose Leke, President of HIGHER Women Consortium

Chair of Organizing Committee:  Professor Judith Torimiro

Project Team Lead:  Professor Epée Emilienne

Secretary: Lucrece Eteki

Members: Dr. Mentoh Theresia, Dr. Joelle Sobngwi, Belesse Patricia,

                    Dr. Mandeng Nadia

Speakers:  Prof. Evelyn Mah, Prof. Epée Emilienne, Dr. Pierrette Essama,                                      

                   Prof. Judith Torimiro


  1. Symposium intitulé : « La recherche fondamentale et appliquée au service du
    contrôle du Paludisme

  2. Date : Vendredi 04 Décembre 2020
    Durée : 2 heures
    Heure début : 10h30 – 12h30
    Lieu : EcoPark
    Salle : Salle des Fêtes
    Capacité : 250 places

  3. Modérateurs :
  4. Prof TITANJI Vincent
  5. Prof LEKE Rose
  6. Prof MBANYA Jean Claude
  7. MBACHAM Wilfred :

  8. Présentations scientifiques :


Thème de la présentation

Prof Bigoga

Impact of insecticide resistance on malaria burden in nothern
Cameroon: implications for vector controlin the COVID 19 era

Dr Akindeh

Comparing Seasonal Dynamics of plasmodium falciparum Mal
Cameroon: A time series analysis

Dr Ali Innocent

Pre-COVID-19 prevalence of plasmodium falciparum chloroqu
resistance transporter polymorphisms and estimate of chloroq
phosphate use in Northen Cameroon
Allele frequences of pfcrt+pfmdr1 in two regions of varying m
transmission in West region of Cameroon

Peter Thelma

Cytochrome P450 and NAT2 genetic variations among children
infected with plasmodium falciparum Malaria in Yaounde,
Cameroon: implications for anti-malarial drug dosing; metabo
and response

Virtue De-Gaule

Assessment of the health system effectiveness in the preventio
malaria amongst pregnant women in Ghana and Cameroon


2)  Stand d’exposition du Centre de Biotechnologies (CBT/UYI)


Date : du 1er au 05 Décembre 2020

Durée : 5 jours

Heure de début : 8 heures

Dimensions du stand : 25 m²

Activités : Présentation par l’ensemble des membres du staff des savoir-faire des membres de leurs unités et des activités réalisés par leur centre de recherche au quotidien.